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Welcome to Self-Drive Nagaland

Imagine driving through remote tracks and trails, ascending and descending on non-descript ridges, crossing streams and rivers, facing upto challenging terrain and raw nature, passing through forgotten hamlets and quaint villages across the state of Nagaland in a 4×4 self-drive vehicle. Imagine heading out on a self-reliant, self-curated expedition in harmony with nature, camping under clear night skies, cooking a quiet meal and soaking up the pristine natural beauty. Imagine spending the night in a remote village at the village chief’s home, embracing the warmth of the fire, relishing local food and learning about tribal life in the most authentic manner. That’s what self-drive Nagaland can make happen for you!!

Nagaland has vast tracts of lesser explored terrain promises to fulfil your soul if exploration is what you seek. Hire out one of our hardy, tested 4WD vehicles, especially modified and outfitted to take on challenging terrain in Nagaland and equipped to help you disappear from the grid as you wish. Nagaland Offroad invites you to curate your own route. Hire out one of our capable 4x4s, so that you may plan and execute the journey of your imagination in these wild and remote lands! 

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Plan your trip

Nagaland Offroad, an initiative of Nagaland Tourism has mapped out the entire state and curated specific trails for your use. Information on routes and trails, details about what to expect, sights and scenes, places to stay etc are available at three places. To begin with, visit the Nagaland Offroad website. This can listing of trails both district wise and by level of difficulty. You can also buy a copy of the Nagaland Offroad 4×4 Guide if books are your thing. It’s a splendid capture of what Nagaland has to offer the discerning traveller, not the tourist, mind you. You could download the Nagaland Offroad app, which has better functionality to navigate roads that google refuses to recognize. 

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